Back on Track

I’ve been back and forth on whether or not to switch my blog over to wordpress from blogger.  I like to design a little more from wordpress, as well as the overall simplicity.  While I realized I’m not a “writer”, I’m hoping to take my blog the next level and really hope to streamline my posts and bring some consistency and an overall theme to my weekly/monthly posts rants.

I found a list saved on my iphone from December of the ways I wanted to change things about myself, my life, my world.  There are so many random things on this list: be a better wife,go to the gym more, run a 5K, get out of debt, start an herb garden, that I am actually laughing as I read it.  It must have been a stream of consciousness list (much like this blog post).  I see that I am accomplishing some of these things slowly but surely, and that is making me a little more motivated.  Other things, though, I feel like I have given up on entirely, or simply forgotten that they were problems that needed addressing.

What really gets me is that this list was the original reason I started my blog; as a way to document the changes I was making for the greater good, whether that greater good was the world, my family, or simply me.  In order to accomplish this I need to be more organized, more focused and more aware.  I’m hoping to come up with weekly themes and chronical the changes I am able to make each week.  I’m hoping to blog AT LEAST once a week, but I’m aiming for more.  Each theme will begin on Monday and end on Sunday and I’ll have some time to reflect what I was able to accomplish, what I can keep doing, and what is just not going to work for me and my family

Without further hesitation, because I know you all are all on the edge of your seats, this weeks theme is: Cut The Crap.  During the week I hope to “Cut the Crap” in a variety of ways.

  1. Slowly, but surely, cut out processed foods (crap) for me and the family
  2. Stop having such a crappy attitude at home around my husband and kids and at school around my co-workers and “kids”
  3. Stop making crappy excuses for things I don’t want to do: going to the gym, cleaning the house, ect.
  4. Stop spending money on extraneous crap that I just don’t need: Starbucks coffee, more clothes that won’t fit in a month, eating out.

It seems like a lot, especially in the beginning, but this is all a process and it has to start somewhere.  Anyway, I like a good challenge.


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