Baby Steps and Little Goals

“What keeps me going is goals.” ~Muhammad Ali
Last week was a pretty good week.  I got back into my running (very slowly) and really began making some stride on getting my life back onto the healthy path.  Honestly, though, I could have done better.  I think what I lack overall is focus.  I need to pick a few goals to really set my sights on and try to accomplish them.   I’ve tried doing this before, with making monthly goals, but I got bored forgot about halfway through.
So, instead, I’ll pick a few items to focus on for the week.  The small goals might help me stay in check and ultimately feel more accomplished.  Here are this week’s goals:
1. No eating out.  I am always so tired when I get home from work and ultimately take the easy way out.  Unfortunately, this means not making healthy choices.  I really need to do better.  Now, I already have plans for one night this week that does involve eating out, so I will have to make sure during this evening, I make healthy choices.
2. Run 10 miles this week.  Last week I did 9.05.  This week, I want to make sure I get in two miles a day (for each of my 5 running days).  Even if I have to walk part of it, 2 miles a day is totally doable.
3. No Starbucks.  It’s time to cut out Starbucks.  I need to drink more water and I know I need to save money.  This seems like the perfect way to do it.
4. Take 30 minutes a day just for me.  No kids, no husband, no work, no stress.
5. Log 10,000 steps a day on my Fitbit.  I was able to do it the first few days, and then I didn’t for the next few.  Even if I need to take a short evening walk, I want to make sure I meet this goal.
They all seem pretty reasonable.  Now, I just need to make myself do them.

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