Through different eyes

“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” ~Brian Tracey

As the impending due date approaches (it’s actually today) both little ones have been fascinated with baby pictures of themselves.  They’re constantly asking me to look through the old photos I have stored on my computer and happily I oblige, loving the trip down memory lane as much as they do.  Looking at the old photos convinces me that once this new baby comes into our lives, everything will be ok.  The pain and annoyance of pregnancy will have been worth it and while three kids seems daunting, so did 2 under 2 at the time.  We all managed those first moments and years relatively unscathed even though we had no real idea what we were doing.

But, as usual, I digress.  This post is about one particular picture.  While scrolling through the photos, Max made me stop at this one:


I immediately grimace. Four months post-baby and I still looked like I had been hit by a truck.  Overweight, unhealthy, unkept.  I was probably 60-70 pounds heavier than I am now (at 40 weeks pregnant).  My idea of exercise was walking to the car to drive to the grocery store a half a mile away.  My idea of a good meal was multiple menu items at 5 Guys.    As I focus on everything I hate about this picture, Max looks at me and says

“I love this picture mom.  Can we print it?”

“Why do you like it so much?”

“Because it’s me and you together.”

And just like that, my 5 year old has proved he is wise beyond his years, that he is, in fact, smarter than me.  Because as I focused on all the things I hate about this picture, all the things that were WRONG with ME, I missed the most important part.  The picture captures a moment in time that he and I spent together.  While I focused on imperfections, he sees how much I loved him from the beginning.

And with that comment, I see how much he loves me too.


One thought on “Through different eyes

  1. So sweet! This brought a tear to my eyes. Kids have a way of making us take a step back and realizing what’s really important and what truly matters.

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