It comes and goes. And I need it to stay.

After Joe got a new dresser all to himself, I was finally able to take over the big dresser completely.  For someone who completely doesn’t give a crap about fashion and usually looks like a cross between asleep and homeless chic, it turns out I have quite a lot of clothes.  Going from a walk in closet with built in shelves AND a large dresser to a small closet and half a dresser was definitely a bit of a struggle (but one I most willingly made and wanted to make, and was happy to make, so no, I am not complaining).

But as always, I digress.  Long story short, I have quite a bit of clothes.  So, after two weeks of Joe moving into a new dresser and me taking over the rest of the dresser, I finally had a free afternoon to organize and move my clothes (from my closet floor, Charlie’s dresser, and the boy’s room).

And I have come to realize…I have a lot of workout clothes.  I mean… A LOT (see below for about 2/3).

And in the past few weeks I haven’t worn one piece of them.

Oh, I wore a couple when I faked my way through the run streak for a few days before I was sidelined by the stomach bug.

And the few times I managed to go to the gym that I pay quite a lot for.

But mostly, they just sit there.  Looking at me.  Judging me.  Telling me to get off my ass.  And let’s be clear, I want to.  But I don’t listen at all.

I don’t know why this was easier when my life was “harder”.  When I was beyond lost, and my dad died, and I had nothing else to lose.  But it was. And I was able to lose 75 pounds.

Now, I can’t seem to get up the motivation to wake up at five.  Or hit the gym after work.  Or not eat the damn cookie in the cabinet.  And I need to.  Because it’s killing me (literally killing me) not to.

But this is a new week.  And the running clothes are organized and ready for the morning.  And lunches are prepped.  And a workout schedule is made.

So maybe this is the week I am able to finally get my shit together.

Finger’s crossed.



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